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Techno Tiles 400 Pieces The Learning Journey

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Build your imagination with Techno Tiles! Techno Tiles gives children creative freedom in building their own grand masterpieces they can play with. Shaped pieces can be securely snapped together with connectors to make structures playable for extended play value. From rockets to castles, vehicles, and abstract structures, imagination is limitless with Techno Tiles. The Techno Tiles Base Set includes over 400 pieces including squares, large triangles, small triangles, two-way connectors, and four-way connectors. Techno Tiles are a great tool to learn about basic geometry, construction, engineering, and architecture. This product aligns with and supports STEM.
  • Age: 6 years and up
  • Package Dimensions: 33 x 26 x 10 cm
  • Number of Pieces: 400 building pieces
  • IncludesKEY FEATURES - The Techno Tiles Super Set (400+ pcs.) includes multiple sized geometric shapes and 2 and 4 way connectors - everything necessary to build and create hundreds of cool structural designs that kids can play with once the buildign has been completed.
  • EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS - Encourages thinking and learning, challenges problem-solving skills, expands knowledge of mechanics and engineering.
  • SUPPORTS DEVELOPMENTAL SKILLS - Improves FINE MOTOR SKILLS by building with and connecting parts. Builds CONFIDENCE and boosts SELF-ESTEEM by providing a sense of achievement. Helps develop PROBLEM-SOLVING abilities by encouraging your child to follow directions, use creative patterns and understand the mechanical flow.
  • SAFETY - All Learning Journey products are regularly safety tested and in compliance with all domestic and international toy safety regulations.

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