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Even when considering permanent care for your child, there are a range of options, which also mean some different price points.  Due to New Zealand childcare regulations, childcare ratios are 1:4; we cannot have more than two children aged under two years of age in care of one Nanny at any time (unless they are siblings).


Employed by the family on either a live-in or live-out basis to undertake all tasks related to the care of children. Duties are generally restricted to childcare and the domestic tasks related to childcare. These carers may or may not have had any formal training, though they all have a good deal of experience and generally work unsupervised.


A nanny-share situation is where two families employ a shared nanny to undertake all of the tasks related to the care of children from both families. Costs are shared and often both homes are used as care venues. For socialisation reasons, this can also be a good scenario when one or both families only have one child.

Nanny Plus 1

This is where an experienced nanny, who is now also a mother, brings her own child to your home while she also looks after your child, in exchange for a reduced hourly rate or salary. This can be a very cost-effective solution for both parties and is also ideal for an only child family situation.

Au Pair

An au pair is typically a foreign student living in New Zealand for up to a year, on a form of cultural exchange programme. The student lives as part of the host family and receives a small pay for babysitting and help with household tasks. An au pair is not typically left in sole charge for extended periods and may or may not have previous childcare experience.

Mother’s Help

Often a junior Nanny, a mother’s help provides full time childcare and domestic help for families in which one parent is home most of the time. They can be on a live-in or live-out arrangement and are not often left in sole charge for extended periods.

Household Manager

A household manager can be employed by the family to undertake all tasks relating to the management of the household. Duties include childcare plus full responsibility for all household functions including meals, laundry, shopping, maintenance plus supervision of support services such as cleaners, gardeners etc. These carers are formally qualified with a significant amount of experience and typically work unsupervised.

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