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I am the Happiest Book

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I’m the Happiest is a heartwarming story about a lovable raccoon who enthusiastically celebrates everyone’s differences and best qualities.

The story begins on a sunny day when the raccoon and all of his friends come together. A giraffe starts bragging about his height and how useful it is to be tall. The giraffe’s behavior leads the other animals to stretch their necks in an attempt to become tall as well. After many unsuccessful attempts, the animals begin to sulk that they are not tall like the giraffe. However, the giraffe’s bragging does not bother the raccoon, who begins jumping and clapping his hands to show the other animals how happy he is for the tall giraffe.

Soon the other animals start bragging about their best traits and how their differences make them better or prettier than the other animals. This interaction upsets all of the animals who become more and more jealous of one another. Meanwhile, the raccoon couldn’t be happier. All of the things that make each of his friends different make raccoon jubilant. Eventually, raccoon’s happiness rubs off on his buddies, who are happy to see their friend so joyful.

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