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Funtime Fishing Set BIO Range

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 A great item to add to Tolo’s range of bath and water toys. ·
Hook the fish and reel them in! ·
Submerge the fish and watch them blow bubbles. ·
Cute little magnetic worm to attract the fish! ·
Bright and colourful. ·

Helps baby to understand the properties of water 12+ months

 At bathtime introduce your infant to the three friendly fish and their little worm pal. · Submerge the fish and show your toddler how they blow bubbles underwater. · Show your infant how to hold the fishing line to try to catch a fish with the worm, then wind it in. ·

You may have to help your younger child hold the rod with one hand, and wind with the other - older toddlers will soon get the hang of it. ·

Introduce language such as 'float', 'sink', ' catch', 'underwater'. ·
Introduce basic counting skills by counting the fish together. ·

Teach your child to take turns with you and have mini fishing competitions.
Count how many fish are caught in a set period of time. ·
You may like to make up simple stories or sing songs about fish to add to your child's bathtime enjoyment. ·

Be positive and use upbeat language to encourage your toddler and provide a sense of achievement.

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