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Box & Balls Fat Brain Toys

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Box & Balls. It's a rolling, bouncing, banking, stacking, nesting game!

With dozens of playing options, this classic-looking set of 8 wooden nesting boxes and 8 bouncy balls is awesome at home or away. Set yourself seemingly impossible challenges with the boxes; everything's more fun with bouncy balls! Beginners might want to start with the suggested games printed on the sides of each box. But once you've figured out the basic play possibilities, there's no end to the play configurations!


A game of skill for all ages

You determine the difficulty level.

Use the boxes to create games, trick shots and challenges.

There are two types of boxes.  Bouncer boxes are right-side-up and you bounce the ball on them.  The target box is the upside-down box that you are trying to bounce the ball into.

Smaller boxes equal bigger points!

1 or more players.

Age 5 years+


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