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Skyrocopter With Flying Light

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The sky is glowing bright, filled with swirling coloured lights. the disc-oh Flyers from B toys puts a colourful spin on a Starry night!

Place the disc on top of the launcher.
Pull on the string so that the disc accelerates smoothly. It's that easy!

The ergonomic launcher is easy to grab and hold. Grab the string and pull.

The flying disc will go up creating beautiful luminous patterns in the sky! is it a flying saucer.

To take playtime a step further, organise some games!

Once you’re in a clear outdoor area, pick a specific spot and encourage your child to launch the disc and make it land in that place. If siblings or friends are playing together, then spark some friendly competition to see whose disc will fly the highest!

Playing with this colourful toy means launching, running, jumping, and catching!
All of that movement results in a fair bit of physical activity, which in turn is great for children's healthy development.
Get everyone to join in on the fun and stay active all summer long!

Children will love to see the sky shine with colourful designs! what a beautiful sight, especially at night!

Recommended for children and grown-ups!!

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