We aim to provide satisfying service to all who associate with PAUA. We have testimonials below from both parents and Educators.  Of course there are times when we don’t get it right … but we try to learn from it and do better next time!  Raewyn is always keen to hear ways that we can improve, so if you have any comments on our service – positive or negative – please contact her raewyn@paua.ac.nz


I am an in-home Educator with PAUA, and feel it has been the best decision for me and my young family. I love learning alongside the children I care for and observing them exploring, making new discoveries, and seeing them find a sense of belonging within our home. I also feel my young boys have benefited so much from welcoming new friends to our home and being able to also enjoy learning within a home environment. I love the wide range of outings and experiences the children are offered to connect with people, places and events in their community and learn alongside their peers. I have found my Visiting Teacher to be very supportive and great in challenging me to extend the learning and interests of the children in my care. She provides great resources which reflect their current focus and support me in providing a fun, child-led learning environment. I find the role so rewarding and feel very supported by PAUA in my goal to provide a holistic learning environment for the children in my care.

Amy, Christchurch Educator

My son Max (two) has been going to his PAUA home based carer Mary-Alice for almost one year. He goes three days per week and absolutely loves it. I was initially nervous about returning to work part-time but once I saw how settled, comfortable and happy Max was, it put my mind at rest.

What I love about home based care is how Max is treated as part of the family; Mary-Alice is always coming up with fun new activities and tailors these around the interests and ages of the kids. Max is especially proud to come home and show us new pictures he has done and always insists it goes on the fridge. Max also really enjoys going to PAUA playgroups because they always have a fun variety of activities for him (and I think he really enjoys the morning teas!).

I think another big advantage of home based care is there are a smaller number of children - I believe this has greatly limited the times Max has been sick this year. Because he was so young when he started I think it’s great Max only has to bond to one carer, and it makes communicating Max’s routines, likes/dislikes, moods and sleeps easier. It’s also very flexible - I can change pick up times and days with Mary-Alice and it’s never any trouble.

PAUA are excellent with their communication and I look forward to getting updates (Educa profiles) of Max from his Visiting Teacher and carer. These are detailed stories and photos about what he has been up to. These are online and also posted out. Mary-Alice sends me photos and writes in a Daily Diary too, which is fantastic as I always know what Max has been doing, especially as I’m not always the one to pick him up.

Tara, Christchurch

I love knowing that PAUA is a family orientated home based education service. With Educators that not only are parents, grandparents, aunties or uncles themselves but also hold whanautanga close to them.

Marcial, Manurewa, Auckland

As a home stay Mum, I was trying to find ways on how to be productive at home. So I began searching on the net how I can use my time and knowledge in looking after children. That’s when I found PAUA! It’s a great opportunity to teach kids and impart life to them!

Bernadette, Tauranga

I really like the support and resources that PAUA give you. Also the opportunities they provide for the children to go out into the community.

Amanda, Whanganui

By being a part of PAUA I have gained a stronger relationship with my sisters.
One I have learned alongside with, as a fellow Educator, who also cared for my daughter, and another, as a parent, who trusted me with her most valued thing in the world, her son.
It takes a lot for us to trust just anyone with our children, but I really loved the whanau home based 'feel' PAUA has to it.
PAUA has opened my eyes to a whole new childcare outlook.
I am also really looking forward to beginning my Level 2 ECE study with PAUA and Training for You.

Tania, Manurewa, Auckland

PAUA resources and support have given my children and the children I look after the head start that all children need. PAUA has given me the opportunity to stay home with my children, but still bring in an income. PAUA is a like a big loving family, full of support and encouragement.

Rachel, Whanganui

I love being a home based Educator for PAUA. We use a program called Educa where we upload photos of your children that get emailed straight to you. The Visiting Teachers are always available to help with resources & ideas for each child's level of learning. The children love the monthly outings. Great place to work but best of all a great place for your children.

Amanda, Palmerston North

I think PAUA is a brilliant service, not only is it affordable but it allows the Educator to work one on one with children, enabling both parties to learn and teach one another in a safe environment.

Marcial, Manurewa, Auckland

I am passionate about children and was excited to meet so many other like-minded people in the PAUA team! Julie (In Kapiti) arranges seriously fun and educational playgroups and outings where the Educators and children get a chance to play together. The resources they supply to the Educators are high quality and are chosen to suit the individual children in care. If I could pick one word to sum up PAUA it would be 'care'. The Visiting Teachers care, the Educators care, the children receive incredible care and you can see it in their relaxed and happy smiles. I wish I had known about this when my kids were little.

Rach, Kapiti

I have worked in early childhood centres for over 10 years and after having my first child and then looking at heading back to work I just didn't feel it was the right environment for her. I enrolled her with PAUA and absolutely love it! I got to meet different Educators in my area and find the right one for my daughter and she just loves it too! The profile folder PAUA have made for her is amazing, my husband and I love reading about what she gets up to and the photos are gorgeous! She gets individual care and attention with a small group of children and an Educator she has really bonded with. She loves the outings and playgroups PAUA arrange and has a great time meeting the other PAUA children. I would highly recommend PAUA to anyone, it has been a been such a blessing for my family and has made going back to work a lot easier and stress free knowing my daughter is in such good hands.

Julie, Waikanae

PAUA has helped me be at home with my own child and earn an income.
PAUA provides great resources that are really beneficial to my child’s learning and development.

Shan, Whanganui

PAUA is wonderful! It’s great to have all the resources Archie is stimulated with each month. New and exciting resources! Also I find having the feedback from the Visiting Teacher confirms what I’m doing is the right thing. When I had an issue, it was great to have different ideas that really helped. The outings are great fun and great for Archie to get together with the other children.

Willow, Putararu

Everything about PAUA Early Childhood Home Based Care Service is wonderful! Everything PAUA does encompasses the child and what is best for the child. I feel valued as a PAUA Educator and always enjoy my visits from the friendly and knowledgeable Visiting Teachers. The resources they provide for me to work with the children are awesome and attract the children’s interest and support their learning and development. The resources available from the PAUA shop are also fun and educational and I look forward to purchasing some for my own grandchildren and to use with the children in my care.

Cheryl, Dannevirke

PAUA Homebased Childcare has been amazing for our whanau. From the age of 2 years old, our youngest child has been in PAUA care with an amazing home-carer, and has really thrived and grown in the environment provided. Our daughter has both intellectual and physical disabilities. As a result, she has vision impairment, and is non-verbal - although she has a lot to say. Whilst providing a safe and stimulating environment for our daughter, her carer established effective routines which saw our daughter really settle well. Together we were able to toilet train our daughter, teacher her basic sign language, help her understand our spoken languages (English ad Maori), and more recently, help her develop phonetic sounds as the building blocks for eventually articulating words.

We tried kindy for our daughter, but found the large number of children, and the many activities too stimulating and confusing for her, and pushing her out of her structured routines. So we moved her back to PAUA, where she started improving in all goal areas developed for her. The intimate environment, the ability to have more one on one time, and the effort and understanding ofher carer were what we really appreciated and valued with PAUA.

Soon, all our children will be primary aged, but if we had younger children, we would definitely enrol them with the same carer. The team back at PAUA offices have supported our whanau well, and have also been on board at the home where our daughter is based to ensure our daughters' needs are catered to. My wife and I have no hesitation in the particular carer that looked after our daughter, and the underlying philosophies of PAUA, as our experience has been positive for our household, and individually, very beneficial to our daughter with special needs.

Duran, Auckland

What I like about PAUA, you have wonderful support for the children in care, fabulous resources, cool playgroups and great organised community outings.

Carolle, Whanganui

The service of PAUA is very professional, the people and philosophy of PAUA is warm and supportive. We are very happy to be part of such reliable and hardworking group! Liz from PAUA taught us how to grow with the kids, and I am sure there is more interesting learning together in the future!

Di, Auckland

PAUA was willing to help me at the drop of a hat, even though I had to change circumstances, would go back in a flash!!!!!!!

Tamaryn, Whanganui

It is with much enthusiasm that I am writing this personal recommendation teacher, Liz Lam Sam. Liz is truly one of our extended family to my daughter Deejay and family, with all the warmth and guidance of education to suit the needs at home for Deejay.

I am so grateful to have Liz alongside the journey of my daughter, as I had come out of a long journey of struggle since the day my daughter was born. PAUA home education has been the back bone of my trials and tribulations, as for my motherhood that had been my strongest support at home. Thank you, Liz, for everything that you have done for us at home! Xoxo.

Donna, South Auckland