Shiralee Pene

Visiting Teacher - Taranaki | Bachelor of Teaching and Learning (ECE)

Unbeknown to me, my destiny had been paved, from taking time off school to baby sit, without parental knowledge, joining Playcentre 26 years ago with my one year old and always being heavily involved in my two children’s schooling. This sparked my passion for the early years with young children and I undertook study as an adult student, with the University of Canterbury achieving Bachelor of Teaching (EC) in 2014.

I enjoy every aspect of my days interacting with tamariki and take pleasure in forming good relationships with whānau. Being able to form relationships quickly is one of my biggest strengths, as I believe trust and respect are the foundation of any relationship. I also enjoy teaching using bicultural practice, bringing in te reo Māori (although I am not fluent) and tikanga as everyday practice. This also keeps me on my toes, as sometimes tamariki can teach me a thing or two in these areas too.

I have been Assistant Programme Manager in a centre over the past five to six years, with high child/teacher ratio’s and often wondered if there was a better way, as some of these little people have only been on earth for thirty six months! I am now looking forward to sharing the knowledge I have gained, to assist in home educators to provide quality interactions with tamariki and be there to support and guide where I can.

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