We have playgroups and community outings in PAUA regions every month.

Community outings vary – but have included trips to the library, museum, fire station, Bunnings, bee farm, trout hatchery, New World, rest homes, and parks.

Depending on the region, we either close our PAUA year or start the New Year with a celebration – everyone brings a picnic tea (or takeaways) to a local park where we get visited by an ice cream van.

Check  out the calendar – it’s on the back of Raewyn’s letter which is sent out with the CARs (Child Attendance Records) to Educators each week.  You can also see this when you log into Educa to see your child’s learning stories (you should get an email each week when it’s loaded).

You are welcome to attend playgroups and community outings with your child, even if they aren’t in care that day.