A PAUA shell’s brilliant colours are layers formed through the process of environment and time. PAUA Early Childhood Home Based Care Service seeks, through a holistic approach, to enhance the environment which affect the ‘colour’ of each individual linked with our service.



We believe children are valuable treasures, uniquely created. Children can guide their own learning processes through their interests and strengths thereby creating their own individual design of layers and colours.


We believe parents/caregivers and whanau provide the foundation for their child’s development as they understand their child best! Reciprocal relationships between whanau and PAUA are valued as vital to the ongoing well-being of children in our service.


We believe Educators and the environment they provide make a valued contribution to the ‘layers’ of the child. Educators are valued, respected and supported as a vital part of the PAUA team.


We believe that the threads of relationship between children, parents/caregivers, whanau, Educators and Visiting Teachers bring out the vibrant colours within the child that will release each child to discover their learning potential.

It is through the transformation from relationships and environment that each child’s PAUA colours will truly shine. Then we truly will have children who are “Ā tātou taonga mo āpopo – our Treasures for Tomorrow”.



Educate your children according to their life requirements, when they’re old they won’t be lost.


Children are…Our Treasures for Tomorrow – “Ā tātou taonga mo āpopo”