Vulnerable families disadvantaged by home based early learning sector changes

February 20, 2019   Raewyn Overton-Stuart   No Comments

Refugee families and vulnerable children will be most negatively impacted from changes announced by Education Minister Chris Hipkins today. Following last year’s review of the home based early learning sector, Mr Hipkins today announced that all home based Educators must have at least a level four early childhood qualification, as well as new rules for […]

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Whanaungatanga and Waitangi

February 6, 2019   Raewyn Overton-Stuart   No Comments

As a service, PAUA started 2019 with a focus on “Whanaungatanga”.   You may be wondering what that means – the online Māori Dictionary has this definition: 1.(noun)relationship, kinship, sense of family connection – a relationship through shared experiences and working together which provides people with a sense of belonging. It develops as a result of […]

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What is a Schema?

June 2, 2018   Raewyn Overton-Stuart   No Comments

Schemas are an important part in every child’s development – what do you know about these natural,uncontrollable and totally necessary urges that all children have?

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Play is the work of the child…

May 24, 2018   Raewyn Overton-Stuart   No Comments

If play is the work of the child… then we need to make them work more! If we don’t, then could this result in a rise in sensory issues? That’s what Angela Hanscom states in the article that sparked this blog.

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What to feed the ducks?

May 18, 2018   Raewyn Overton-Stuart   No Comments

Is a favourite kiwi pastime killing our ducks? Overfeeding birds with starchy food can cause deformed wing growth, known as angel wing, preventing birds from flying according to latest research.

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Tots, toddlers and TV. The potential harm

May 1, 2018   Raewyn Overton-Stuart   No Comments

Worried about the impact TV might have on children that you care for? This article from Brainwave Trust has some great information.

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